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Main Benefits of Electric Cars

As car manufacturers continue to develop EV models over diesel and petrol, the Aussie population are choosing to invest – increasing the demand. Despite EV’s hitting the market with a higher purchase price than your average car, they come with a platter of unique features, bringing an advantage to car owners. On top of that, there are a number of benefits of electric cars, ranging from cost savings, reduction in carbon footprint, and optimal comfort.

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Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Running Cost Efficiency

In comparison to petrol and diesel vehicles, EV’s bring more cost efficiency than you would expect. There is no need to hit the fuel bowser to top up your car, especially as fuel prices continue to rise. If you’re someone who is often on the road, this can save you a lot of money – in fact, it could save you over $1,000 a year. Electric cars have proven cheaper to maintain as well, as they’re made with less moving parts, lowering the need for more extensive maintenance. With no exhaust systems, radiators, fuel injection systems, or starter motors to worry about, one of the key benefits of electric cars is the reduction in servicing costs. With less internal parts at risk of breaking down or failing, the need to see a mechanic as often as you would with a traditional car is lessened.

Environmental Consciousness

The main selling point when it comes to a wide range of electrical vehicles is the intentional consciousness to the environment – as it stands today, a lot of general vehicles make a huge impact on the environment, and in a very negative way. With zero exhaust emissions, advantages of electric vehicles include assisting in reducing airborne chemicals, providing drivers with peace of mind any time they take a drive.

Smoother Driving Experience

Designed to purr, EV’s are renowned for their quiet engines and buttery smooth gliding experience along the road. The batteries within an electric vehicle have been specifically created to product little to no heat, as well as extremely minimal sound. While some people enjoy the roar of their car’s engine, those who prefer a more subdued ride will find an EV to be the perfect investment.

Recharge at Home

We’ve all prolonged having to go to a fuel station before due to the inconvenience in timing or scheduling – this is completely eliminated when it comes to owning an EV and is actually one of the main benefits of electric cars. Because these vehicles don’t need fuel to run, there’s the ability to have a dedicated charging station installed into your garage, allowing you plug in your car at home and let it charge ready for its next drive. For longer road trips, charging stations have been installed right across the country, ensuring EV drivers are never too far from a conveniently located charging station.

Incentives to Consider

As the benefits of driving electric cars become more apparent, the Australian Government is incentivising their purchase. From the 21st of April 2023, any Queensland residents who buy a zero-emission vehicle may find themselves eligible for rebates of up to $6,000. Electric cars also receive a 33% discount on stamp duty, with a rate of $2 per $100 sales value. There are conditions that must be set to secure these incentives, such as buying a new vehicle that reaches a certain total cost, so it is recommended to research before making the purchase. At Fido Finance, our support services extend to helping you explore all your options, discussing these incentives with you to see those which you are eligible for.

Fetch a Great Deal with Fido Finance Today!

If reading about the benefits of electric cars has you interested in making a purchase, the team here at Fido Finance is committed to helping secure the perfect electric vehicle for you through a new car loan. We work hard to sniff out the best rates for your car finance, digging up solutions tailored to your lifestyle and budget. To get started, or to learn more about our services, please give us a call on 13 FIDO or visit the How it Works page.

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