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Are you ready to escape to discover the great outdoors with your new Campervan or Caravan? We’re here to tailor the best recreational vehicle finance solutions at the lowest rates available to you today.


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Suggestions and Tips for Buying a Caravan

Dreaming of purchasing your own caravan and hitting the open road, or just looking for one to get away on the weekends? Owning a caravan opens you up to a world of freedom, but they can be a costly purchase. Don’t give up on your dream, however, as there are tips for buying a caravan to ensure you get your home away from home sooner rather than later.


At Fido Finance, we are the car finance brokers dedicated to getting you into the vehicle of your dreams at the best possible rate. To get started and to learn more, visit our How it Works page


Best Tips for Buying a Caravan

Set a Budget

Before making any major purchase, it is wise to plan a budget for how much you are willing to spend. This budget should factor in your income, your savings, how much you are able to spend, and how much value you are placing on the caravan and its use.

Everyone’s financial situation is different, but it is important to set a budget that won’t cripple your finances while also allowing you to purchase a caravan that meets your standards and your intended usage.


Consider Buying Second-Hand

It is always nice to purchase brand new items, but it is often possible to save a significant amount of money by buying second-hand. Some of the best advice on buying a caravan is to scour the second-hand market, as sometimes you might find the caravan you’re looking for at a more affordable cost.

Before purchasing second-hand be sure to inspect the caravan to ensure it is still in good condition and that you are not being sold something you will have to spend additional money on before it can be used. This may result in your second-hand purchase costing just as much as it would have if you went brand new.


Don’t Buy the First Caravan You See

When you have made up your mind that you are going to purchase a caravan, it is easy to leap at the first one you see for sale so you can get out on the road straight away. Unless the first caravan you see is an unbelievable deal you can’t walk away from, this goes against every piece of advice on buying a caravan.

What you think may have been a great deal may turn into a disaster as you learn that the second-hand caravan has several hidden problems you must now pay to fix, or that you paid more for the brand-new caravan than you would have if you looked elsewhere. Hold on to your wallet, do your research, and don’t make the deal until you feel confident you are getting the best value possible for your desired caravan.


Pick the Right Size

Not all caravans are created equally, as they come in a range of shapes and sizes. While it is easy to say you simply want a caravan, one of the best tips for buying a caravan is to make sure you choose the right option to suit your family and intended usage. Are you planning on travelling alone, or just with your partner? A smaller caravan that provides the basics should be fine.

If you are going to be travelling with the kids, or pets, it may be wise to invest in a larger caravan or motorhome that provides enough space for everyone. Size is also a factor that should be considered when it comes to transporting your caravan, as a larger caravan is harder to tow for those who lack experience and may put you and your family at unnecessary risk.


Visit a Caravan Show

While it is good to research online to find the right caravan, the internet cannot replicate the feeling of seeing a caravan in person and getting a true feel for its dimensions. Caravan and camping shows are a common occurrence throughout Australia, so a wise bit of advice on buying a caravan is to visit one of these conventions and personally browse the fleet of caravans.

You can get reassurances that your desired caravan is the right fit for you after inspecting it in person or may even discover a new option you had never even considered. These shows are also a great way to meet like-minded individuals and learn tips for caravanning from those who possess a wealth of experience.


Finance Your Caravan with Fido Finance Today!

One of the best tips for buying a caravan is to trust a finance broker to help secure your chosen caravan for the best possible rate. We have provided caravan finance for countless Australians and only require a few details to get started on fetching the right deal for you. Learn more about the process through our How it Works page and apply for an obligation free pre-approval today.

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