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Our job as your personal 4WD finance specialist is to find and tailor the best 4WD loan solutions at the lowest rates and repayments available on the market today.

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Top Selling Trucks in Australia

Trucks are a vital part of conducting business right across Australia, being relied upon to deliver goods across the country and transporting workers and their tools to countless jobsites. With so many companies relying on trucks to keep their business up and running, it’s no surprise that trucks continue to be a high seller. The list of the top selling trucks in Australia reveals a collection of durable and dependable vehicles from manufacturers all over the world. As a tradie, having access to a reliable truck is a necessity, as your vehicles are often your office, meaning you need a truck that works as hard as you do.


If you are a tradie and require help financing a truck to keep your business on the road, reach out to the car loan broker that tradies rely on to get them the vehicles they need. Learn more about how we operate through the How it Works Page and try out the obligation free pre-approval.



Best Selling Trucks: Heavy Duty

When it comes to heavy-duty trucks in Australia, Volvo and Kenworth are traditionally the two highest-sellers. While Kenworth took top honours in 2022, current sales data for 2023 shows Volvo has taken the lead. Both brands are popular among the tradie world due to their commitment to providing top-quality vehicles capable of accomplishing all their customers heavy-duty needs. Whether you need to pull a semi-trailer or transport heavy goods, the public says Volvo and Kenworth are the brands to trust. Isuzu came in third, proving the Japanese manufacturer is a popular choice no matter the size of the truck.



– Engineered to provide maximum fuel efficiency

– Chassis tailored to your unique operations

– Dynamic steering to improve safety



– Configured to suit specific haul tasks

– Supreme driver comfort

– Driveline dynamics



– Twin-steer front axle

– Allison 6-speed automatic transmission

– Cutting-edge multimedia system



Top Selling Trucks: Medium Duty

The medium duty truck market in Australia is dominated by Japanese manufacturers, with the nation holding the top four spots when it comes to medium duty sales – and for good reason. Isuzu, Hino, Fuso, and UD Trucks lead the market, with Isuzu possessing nearly double the number of sales of second-placed Hino. This trend continues from 2022 where Isuzu was also the top seller, showcasing the trust Australian workers and companies have in the legendary brand.



– Advanced emergency breaking

– Electronic stability control

– Lane departure warning



– Hino SmartSafe safety package

– Bridgestone tires

– 34” frame rails



– 24 hour roadside assist

– Advanced emergency braking system

– Fuel efficient technology



Best Selling Trucks: Light Duty

Like the medium duty market, light duty truck sales are dominated by Japanese manufacturers. Isuzu once again reigns supreme, while Hino and Fuso also finished on the podium. Dutch-based Italian manufacturer IVECO had an exceptionally strong year as they jumped into fourth place, growing their sales by 72.9%. Well-known brands Renault and Ford have struggled recently because of ongoing supply issues, making it easier for tradies to invest in a light duty truck from one of the top sellers instead.



– Autonomous emergency braking

– Advanced driver assistance systems

– Automated manual transmission



– GVMs from 3.8t to 7.2t

– Tough C-Section chassis

– Market-leading power from 100kW to 155kW


– 30,000km service intervals

– Electronic stability program

– Lane departure warning system



Top Selling Trucks: Vans

If your business is not quite suited for a truck, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding a van to suit your needs. Those who did decide to invest in a van chose to do so with Mercedes-Benz, with the famous brand doubling the sales of its closest competitor. Second placed Volkswagen showed tremendous growth, increasing its sales by over 100% and proving that this category is not just a one-horse race. Despite sales decreasing by 50%, Renault managed to hang onto third place, though the growing IVECO threatens to pip them at the finish line as their sales are building strongly before the end of the year.



– Electric options available

– Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare makes maintenance easy

– 5-year warranty



– Innovative driver assists features

– 5-year warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance

– Accessories like roof racks and weather shields



– Range of sizes to suit any task

– Barn doors for maximum versatility

– Low operating costs with great fuel efficiency and long service interval



Secure a Great Loan with Fido Finance Today!

When it comes to securing a loan for your next business vehicle purchase, Fido Finance is dedicated to helping Australians purchase the perfect vehicle for them. If you are looking to buy one of the top selling trucks in Australia but are unsure if you can afford the cost, access our How it Works Page to discover how our expert finance brokers work to secure you a loan that works within your budget. With obligation-free pre-approval, we supply the tradies finance services that countless workers have relied on to keep on trucking.

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