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Finance Terminology Part 4: What is a Non Bank Lender?

What are non bank lenders?

A non bank lender, also known as a non-traditional lender, is a financial institution that provides loans and other forms of financing, but is not a bank or credit union. Non bank lenders are typically less regulated than traditional banks and may offer loans to borrowers or businesses that do not qualify for financing from a bank. In car finance, non bank lenders are commonly used when financing used cars or cars that are purchased from a private seller. It’s important to understand the different types of lenders available to you to ensure you can make an informed decision.


Why is knowing what is a non bank lender beneficial? 

If you’re accessing finance for the first time it can be overwhelming, and you may be tempted to only look in to obtaining finance from a traditional lender.  Traditional lenders, such as banks, have a long established reputation and history, meaning they have usually already gained the trust of the general public and the government.


But there are several advantages to using a non bank lender, including:

  1. Faster approval and funding: Non bank lenders often have more flexible underwriting criteria and can make lending decisions more quickly than traditional banks. This means borrowers can receive their funds faster and be behind the wheel quicker than you can say “what is a non bank lender?”
  2. More flexible loan terms: Non bank lenders may be more willing to tailor loan terms to the specific needs of the borrower. For example, they may offer longer repayment terms or lower interest rates than a traditional bank.
  3. Less strict credit and documentation requirements: Non bank lenders may be more likely to approve loans for borrowers with less than perfect credit scores, or for those who cannot provide traditional income documentation. Click here for more help on understanding your credit rating or low doc loans.
  4. Focus on niche markets: Non bank lenders may focus on specific niche markets, such as providing financing for used cars or equipment for small businesses.
  5. Often more accessible and less bureaucratic: Traditional banks have many regulations and policies to follow and can be slow in decision-making, and sometimes lack flexibility. Non bank lenders often have fewer regulations, allowing them to be more agile and efficient.


It’s also important to consider that non bank lenders may charge higher interest rates or fees to traditional banks. Before agreeing to any financial product it’s important to compare and carefully read the loan agreement. Each lender, both bank and non bank, will have their own strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to thoroughly research any lender before making a decision.


It’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes from different lenders to compare their terms, fees and interest rates. Having a good knowledge of what are non bank lenders will allow you to compare different loan options and find the best fit for your specific needs.



Still need help understanding what is a non bank lender and what options are available to you?

Here at Fido Finance, our expert vehicle finance brokers have access to over 30 specialised bank and non-bank lenders. Get in touch today by visiting us online or calling the team at 13 34 36 for an obligation-free pre-approval check for a used or new car loan!

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