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How to Finance a Car with No Deposit – What You Need to Know

No deposit car loans are a common loan type you will come across when doing homework on purchasing a new (or used) vehicle. If you don’t have enough money saved up or you simply don’t want to pay a deposit, this may be the option for you. In saying that, there are a number of things to take into consideration before choosing this loan type. Let’s break down how to finance a car with no deposit, what it means, and the potential implications.


At Fido Finance, you will always get to speak to a dedicated car loan finance broker, making the lending process as simple as can be. Give us a call on 13 FIDO now to kickstart your lending journey.

How to Finance a Car with No Deposit

What Exactly IS a No Deposit Car Loan?

No deposit finance is exactly as it sounds – you do not have to put down a deposit on the car you want to finance. In turn, this means that you loan the full amount of the vehicle, paying it off monthly/fortnightly/weekly, rather than paying a lump sum (like you would in a private sale or at a dealership).


One of the main benefits of a no deposit car loan is having no disruption to your current cash flow. Sometimes, when it comes to financing a car, individuals will take the deposit from their credit accounts which incurs not only higher interest rates and risk but adds a third party to the lending process.


With this specific loan type, the full amount comes from one lender, which creates a more streamlined and easier to navigate repayment process. With a no deposit car finance solution, you will be hit with a higher interest rate on your repayments – this also makes the actual approval process a little more tedious than your general financing process, but with a team like Fido Finance, it’s made simpler, eliminating the stress and pressures.

How to Secure This Type of Loan

Similar to other financing processes, no deposit car loans all come down to your credit score and creditworthiness. These fundamentals are what show lenders that your cash flow is reliable, along with your income, in turn allowing you to make repayments regularly and with little to no struggle. You need to ensure your credit score remains unburdened in the lead up to, and throughout the repayment process.


Your more traditional financing solutions can take between a day to a week to be approved. Due to the nature of no deposit loans, if the lender believes you have the ability to make repayments with no disruptions, it will generally take a little longer for approval to happen. This is also partly due to the lender needing to collate so many different factors and documents to ensure you, as a candidate, are eligible.

Credit Score Implications

One way of increasing your chances of securing a loan with no deposit is by taking care of your credit score. To really stand out, it’s important to make sure your creditworthiness is nurtured in the lead up to applying for this loan type, in saying that don’t just take those steps in the beginning.


Make sure you pay your bills on time, never miss due dates on your card repayments, lower your credit card limit, and reduce the number of applications you make on credit. The higher your credit score, the higher your chances of approval. Knowing how to finance a car with no deposit requires a lot of similar fundamentals to your traditional loan processes.

Let Fido Finance Take Care of the Process

At Fido Finance, we take pride in assisting our customers with all of their financing needs. Give us a call on 13 FIDO and speak to a dedicated loan broker today about the potential of a no deposit car loan or browse our How it Works page to see how easy financing can be with us.

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