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Vehicle finance

Fido Finance have been going the extra yard for our car finance clients for years. With our expert insights and leading lender contacts we’re experts at seeking out the best personalised rates for our clients – fast!

Tradie’s finance

We’ll work as hard as you do to secure you a great rate to keep your business on the move. Whether it’s finance for work vehicles, tools or gear, we’re standing by for your instructions.

Caravan finance

Are you ready to escape to discover the great outdoors with your new Campervan or Caravan? We’re here to tailor the best recreational vehicle finance solutions at the lowest rates available to you today.


Our job as your personal 4WD finance specialist is to find and tailor the best 4WD loan solutions at the lowest rates and repayments available on the market today.

Personal finance

A low rate personal finance solution could be the best option to help you consolidate other debts, buy your next car or even getting the funds together to head off on a dream holiday.

Fido Finance works as hard as you
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Self Employed Car Finance

Being self-employed means your income may be more unpredictable in comparison to those that work for a business or organisation. This in turn can impact your financing options, as some loan types available for self employed car finance can be harder to secure. There are still a number of ways that you can secure financing solutions based on your employment type and Fido Finance are here to assist in getting you on the road through great rates and tailored services.


The loan broker team at Fido Finance work with you from start to finish. Give us a call on 13 FIDO or access our How it Works page to learn more.


Your Options for a Self Employed Car Loan

There are several options when it comes to securing self employed car finance, each offering their own benefits based on your situation and what the vehicle will be used for.


Consumer Loan

If the car is going to be used for personal use, then a consumer loan is the easiest and most conventional way to finance your new vehicle. As part of the process, you will need to provide documentation that includes proof of your identity and bank statements that prove you will be able to pay the loan back, and on time. Using a consumer loan means the loan will be secured against the vehicle, giving the lender the right to repossess the car if you fall behind or default on payments.


Business Loan

The opposite of a consumer loan, business loans are for purchasing vehicles that will be predominantly used for business purposes. Whether you are a sole trader that requires a work vehicle, or you simply need an extra vehicle for sales and meetings, a business loan is the best way to secure a self employed car loan for work. The interest associated with a business loan is also tax-deductible, making it a more desirable choice for those requiring a business vehicle.


Low Doc

When you are self-employed, there is a good chance you don’t possess some of the required paperwork required for a traditional loan. Low doc finance is designed to help you secure self employed car finance despite some of the differing requirements, making it highly beneficial for sole traders. Something to take into consideration are the rates associated with low doc finance. Due to it being viewed as a higher risk loan, the rates that come with this financing option can oftentimes be higher in comparison to other loan types.


Other Factors to Consider

Before applying for a self employed car loan, you will need to collate the relevant documentation in line with your employment type. This will include proof of income, as the lender needs to know you can make your repayments before approval is considered. Proof of income is in the form of tax returns for the latest financial year, as well as any financial statements you have access to. Further documentation may be required based on your lender, such as statements of assets and liabilities.


Whether the vehicle will be used for commercial, or business purposes is the biggest factor that will influence the type of loan you pursue, and its use should be decided before you begin applying. With this decided, you can more accurately determine the best finance option for your financial, personal, and business position.


Let Fido Finance Help

At Fido Finance, we believe everyone deserves access to high quality car loans to improve their personal and business lives. Even as a sole trader with limited access to general financial documentation, our services stand to pair you with the best avenue available to get your hands on the vehicle you require. We understand that every client is unique, which is why we personalise our services to support you in reaching your financing goals. You don’t need to apply for financing yourself, as our award winning team stand alongside you every step of the way.


Apply for Self Employed Car Finance Today!

As man’s best friend, we fetch market leading deals on your behalf so you can reap the rewards. Visit our How it Works page to learn more about our vehicle finance loans or give us a call on 13 FIDO to get started.

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